Thank you!

Thank you to our community donors, participating restaurants, and nonprofit partners for making it possible for Take Out Hunger to deliver 40,000 meals to the food insecure from January 2020 through April 2022!

Our small team of volunteers and entrepreneurs never imagined TOH would eventually have 34 restaurants and 15 nonprofits come on board.

It truly couldn’t have been possible without all of you!

Yet, after more than two years, our strong and mighty team decided to officially step back - from what was set up as a temporary stopgap measure - and close out TOH in its current form.

The good news is that we are optimistic Gather, our fiscal sponsor, and others, may move forward in the winter of 2023 with partnerships TOH facilitated between nonprofits and restaurants to reach the food insecure in our local communities. Stay tuned!

For now, our TOH Instagram, Facebook and website will stay live to maintain an important lifeline for outreach by any future potential partnerships.

Two of TOH's founders - Helen Crowe and Carol Bridges - are available to continue to offer counsel to anyone interested in learning more about how they can work together on this mission. You can reach them by email at [email protected] or [email protected].

It takes a village! And we certainly are proud we were part of this one!

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Thank you to our participating restaurants and supporters!
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